What Everyone Should Know About Amethyst – The February Birthstone


What Everyone Should Know About Amethyst – The February Birthstone


Are you wondering how crystal healing works? Crystals are being used for healing and harness the life-giving elements of the earth and the universe for over the millennia. Our ancestors have been using crystals and gem not just for beautification purposes but also for healing. There are many different crystals with a variety of uses to help you start with your crystal healing journey.

As the month of February approaches, let me introduce and share with you some uses and benefits of this month’s birthstone, Amethyst.

What is it?

Amethyst is the birthstone of February ranges from a blend of deep violet and red to a lighter lilac hue. The darker more intense color is more valuable than the lighter ones. Ancient royals treasure dark rich royal colors of amethyst since 2500 BC. In the 15th century, they can only be worn by the Royal family on ceremonial occasions in France.

Currently, not only is it the beautiful color that makes this gem popular but also widely available in different shapes and sizes which makes it more accessible to the public.

Reiki Healing and Benefits

Amethyst crystal healing and Reiki healing also work together wonderfully. It has an affinity for the healing frequencies of Reiki plus it is the perfect companion for meditation practice as its color holds the highest vibration of brow chakra. Using it in Reiki treatments help create a synergistic effect of healing and love energy.

Many believe that wearing it not only enhances almost every color in your wardrobe but also can help prevent the wearer from becoming drunk or poisoned. It is also an aid to the brave to help protect soldiers in battle. It can also help control evil thoughts and can also help owners shrewd in business matters.

It helps to protect and increase personal energy to keep negative energies away from resonating and hurting you. It also has calming influence which can aid in self-cultivating a deep state of meditation and healing. It also helps to calm the emotion of those who tend to get upset easily. It can help to ease tension, migraine, stress, insomnia, headache, and relaxation.

There are many ways to use amethyst like placing it over each eye to treat tired eyes. It can also help promote sound sleep and avoid frequent nightmares to those who have them. You can also combine them with some other crystals to boost effectiveness, especially for healing purposes.

If you want to know more and learn how to utilize uses of Amethyst, visit us here at Namaste Life Center. You can also check upcoming Reiki classes here on our calendar.

If You Have A New Year’s Resolution, Then Use Crystals To Achieve Them

How many times have you set a new year’s resolution and failed to achieve them? Or you just stopped and got tired of making them because you keep failing them over the years?

Guess what? Unlock the power of fulfilling your new year’s resolutions with these crystal combinations to get you through. There are specialized crystal combinations that can cater you to every goal in that list.

Check out below to see which crystals match best with your New Year intentions.

Agate stone – this helps bring courage and strength, protective energies, balancing and accepting emotions.

Angelite stone – this can help relieve tension and anger and encourage faith and forgiveness.

Amethyst – this helps for making wise decisions and achieving calm and balance to help break free from bad habits and addictions.

Black Obsidian – this can help you break free from your destructive habits and move forward.

Carnelian and Sunstone – this helps with motivation to start a routine for weight loss and a healthy body in general. This can help with determination and leadership.

Seraphinite, Celestite and Selenite – these crystals can help with your meditation if you are looking for gaining divine wisdom, You can sit near them or hold them or even look into them to help you focus while you pray or meditate.

Vesuvianite – this can help to surface your buried emotions so you can have the chance of dealing with them.

Rhodochrosite – this can help with healing you emotionally and encourage yourself for a more positive self-image.

Quartz – this helps you to let go of past failures, distress and old memories. This can help you heal from personal pain and loss. It also helps boost your self-confidence and will power.

These are just some of the crystals you can use to help yourself. Whatever your goals are, write them down in short and clearly stated affirmations and carry them with you will help.

Be kind to yourself. It takes a while to achieve something great so stick with it and you’ll get there someday. Hope you have a joyful and fruitful year this coming 2019.

Things I Wish I Had Known About Numerology

What is it?

Numerology is the study of numbers in our lives. It is seen as a universal language of numbers. It is the idea that the universe is a system that once broken down, will be left with the basic elements such as numbers. It can be used to help us better understand the world and ourselves as individuals.

Every number and letter has its own unique energetic vibration. These are being studied on how they influence the story of your life and personality. By these, you can find and follow your true path and get insight into what lies around.


Where numerology came from is somewhat a mystery but some evidences show that it was used thousands of years ago in Rome, China, Greece and Japan. Earliest written records of numerology are said to be found in Egypt and Babylon.

Present Day

The modern-day numerology is usually credited to Pythagoras. He took it to a completely different level with some theories behind it and has become quite popular in today’s society and used by many.

How does it work?

It is complicated and usually requires a master numerologist to provide detailed and accurate readings. You can easily find your life path number and other basic things like your personality, expression and soul urges using basic calculations, you will still need a master to interpret them properly.

The idea is your birth date, name and many other factors can affect your life. It is believed that there is no coincidence in the universe and that your birthday and name will somehow impact your destiny.

Life Path Number – this is the most important number. This forms the basis of what path your life could take. This will also reflect of whom you are, who you should be and what are your personality and traits. This can also outline opportunities and challenges you may face.

Expression Number – this is your destiny number. This is to delve your abilities, desires and personal goals. It can also make you aware of the inherent traits you may carry.

Soul Urge Number – this is referred to as your heart’s desire in numerology. This can be the reflection of your inner true self. This often reveals the truth in people that each can only recognize once the reading is completed.

Personality Number – this is the calculation of the side of you that you allow people to see. These show how others see you.

Birthday Number – this holds the key to you and your destiny based on the exact day you were born. Together with your life path number and other core numbers, this can unveil your entire life’s purpose.

If you want to know more about numerology, join us in our newest class – Introduction to Numerology here.

8 Amazing Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is widely used fascinating alternative medicine that involves the use of volatile plant materials or also known as essential oils. They are aromatically inhaled by patients and have been used for nearly 6000 years with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood. It is therapeutic and medicinal.

More than that lavender-infused lotion that you use before you sleep, there is more to essential oils that you know it is. Here are some of them:

Stress relief

This is the most popular use of aromatherapy. Because why not? The aromatic compounds from different essential oils are known as relaxants and help soothe your mind. Sitting in a bathtub with lemon oil, lavender, peppermint or ylang-ylang oils won’t make you relax? Even bergamot and vetiver can help you relax too. Studies have shown that lemon oil can improve mood and reduce anger outbursts.


Aromatherapy is also commonly used to eliminate feelings of depression and lessen the complicated side effects of pharmaceutical anti-depressants. Although it can be used as a complementary treatment, some help from professionals should be sought out if depression continues or worsen. Peppermint, chamomile, lavender, and jasmine are the best essential oils for reducing depression.

Increase memory

Older people can suffer from memory loss and the inability to form short-term memories. Aromatherapy has often been used as a supplemental treatment for dementia and the likes. Also, aromatherapy has been seen to boost younger patient’s memory capacity for a certain amount of time after treatment. Experts say people form strong associations between scents and memories. The most commonly recommended oil for this sort of memory-enhancing effect is the sage oil.

Boost energy

Energy pills, coffee, cigarettes or energy drinks can damage our body. Eating right, exercise and aromatherapy can be a healthier option to get a little more pep. Most common oils used are black pepper, clove, jasmine, rosemary and tea tree to help increase blood circulation and energy levels.

Promote healing

Aromatherapy can assist with the body’s healing. Buckthorn, calendula, lavender, and rosehip are known to increase blood flow and oxygen to wounds to expedite the healing process. They contain anti-microbial properties to help add protection and increase the body’s natural healing process.

Improves sleep

People who don’t get enough sleep at night or those who find it hard to even sleep use aromatherapy for help. Jasmine, chamomile, lavender, sweet marjoram and ylang-ylang are the best known natural oils to help realign your circadian rhythm and achieve a balanced sleep schedule.

Relieves pain

Lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, clary sage, rosemary, juniper or peppermint can help alleviate many aches and pains. Rather than relying on pharmaceuticals or expensive massages, aromatherapy can be a wonderful help to cure that pain.

Enhance the Immune system

Aromatherapy can give a serious boost to your immune system if used properly. The anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-microbial effects of various essential oils can help protect you from a number of infections or illnesses out there. Oregano, frankincense, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, and eucalyptus essential oils are proven essential oils that boost your immune system.




The Healers

1) Smokey Quartz – This stone absorbs negativity by helping your mind let go of emotional baggage. Smokey Quartz releases stagnant energy within your body and mind. Flushing out the old energy and resentments also revitalizes you with a new peace. Wear this stone everywhere you go, if you want to grow peace in your mind using healing stones.

2) Citrine – Carpe Diem is a reality when you wear Citrine as it is the ultimate crystal to help you separate reality from dreams. Prosperity and abundance are not the sole trademarks of citrine, but also contentment. Keeping citrine stones close to you at all times also protects you from negativity, so always remember to carry it with you wherever you go.

3) Larimar – This is a unique, famous and ideal stone for establishing peace in and around you. this stone removes mood swings flawlessly. Wearing Larimar also promotes the power of intuition and simultaneously helps in taking calm decisions.

4) Blue Sapphire – Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of the God of Saturn. For heightened calm and mental peace. Blue Sapphire is a good luck charm that shields you from danger and nerve wracking episodes.

5) Amazonite – A pleasant and calming crystal that soothes anyone who touches it. Amazonite brings down your stress by giving you a personal treat for your time. Meditating with Amazonite is helpful for people haunted by guilt, remorse and jadedness with life in general.

6) Blue Lace Agate – This stone is known as the absolute gemstone for contentment and satisfaction. Blue Lace Agate has the power to calm nerves as well as help those who have a hot temper. The gentle energy of this stone promotes tranquility. This stone is also a very high spiritual stone.

7) Rose Quartz – Quartz is a remarkable healing crystal with powerful human traits such as love and compassion. Rose Quartz is excellent for relieving stress as it promotes healing of the heart chakra which also spreads love. This love stone is excellent for venting out at the end of day as well as to start the day.

8) Carnelian – Another earth crystal with ambient powers, Carnelian is ideal to relax the mind, make the brain secrete more melatonin as well as serotonin. Wearing this beautiful stone regularly also boosts decision making abilities as well as a psychic shield. This is one of the top crystals that can guarantee happiness. Holding Carnelian in your palm while meditating everyday will transform your peace.

9) Topaz – A healing stone for emotional freedom and balance. Topaz is revered excellent throughout history for being a relaxation stone. Topaz is an excellently grounding for people who are heated or sentimental too long.Spiritually, topaz signifies peace, tranquility and love. Wearing topaz will bring harmony to your aura.

10) Bloodstone – This is a rare and sacred stone used for multiple ailment throughout history is bloodstone. Using bloodstone helps to clarify your dilemmas and think crystal clear

11) Black tourmaline – A protective crystal, that must be in contact with your skin at all times, Black Tourmaline meditations are unbending to the spirit and body. It shields you against harmful electromagnetic radiations that can disturb your sense of peace. Wearing Black Tourmaline regularly is ideal for removing emotional disturbances as well..

Amber: Meanings, Properties and Powers

So many reasons to add Amber to your collection.

Amber Properties

While Amber is often regarded as a gemstone, it’s not actually what you can call a stone. That’s because Amber is just a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees.

The oldest piece of Amber was discovered approximately 320 million years ago, so you can just imagine what powerful energies that this stone holds!

This stone often exhibits little insects trapped inside while it was forming as a tree resin. Its colors are varied and often comes in different shades of brown, orange, and yellow.

However, there are also Amber stones that are green, red, and blue in color.

Amber can be found in quite a few countries. There are deposits in Germany, Colombia, Italy, Poland, Russia, Dominican Republic, and Great Britain.

Why Would You Use Amber?

The most attractive quality of amber is that it possesses very old energy. With this old energy comes the acquired wisdom of the earth!

It’s a warm, cheerful, wise, protective, and healing stone. It will discharge all negative moods, and it will deflect negative energies that other people may direct at you.

This stone will work hard to make sure that you are only working with strong and positive energies.

Amber is the stone that you must have if you want to relieve your stress and anxiety. It will dissolve all traces of physical and mental exhaustion, and it will help you eliminate your fears and worries.

Amber is also a very helpful stone if you’re suffering from depression. It will stabilize your emotions, and it will constantly remind you why your life is the most precious thing!

The energies of this stone will guide you with your emotions so that you will have a more optimistic outlook in life.

It will make you focus more on all the wonderful things that you’ve got going for you and less on the not so wonderful.

Amber is also a stone that will enhance your creativity. When you work with the energies of this stone, you will always have a muse, and you will always have a source of inspiration.

This stone will link your everyday self with your spiritual self so that you will have better protection against any kind of psychic attack.

Amber has a lot of great qualities that will help in healing your physical and emotional body.

It will cure emotional and physical ailments that you didn’t know you got until they’re already gone!

Amber will also strengthen and connect you to your inner wisdom. It will enhance your psychic gift of clear feeling.

It will stimulate your intellect and enhance your understanding of a lot of things.

This stone will also help you with your decision-making and with moving forward in life.

It will also help you bring your love life to the next level of your relationship!

How Will Amber Help You?

Amber, Healing and Health

An amber stone possesses an electromagnetic quality that can build up electrical charge, and this makes it an effective healing tool.

Amber is used to stimulate metabolism and address any metabolic issues. It’s an effective treatment for allergies, especially those which affect the respiratory system.

It can relieve headaches. It’s known to be helpful with rheumatoid arthritis and in easing the pains in the ligaments and joints as well.

It can energize the endocrine system and enhance the heart muscles. It’s also beneficial in tissue revitalization.

Amber can heal the glandular system and help with DNA-related problems. It’s known to cleanse the blood and help move energies in the body.

This stone can effectively draw illnesses out of the stomach, liver, and the spleen.

Amber has also been credited to help in curing impotence and female infertility.

Amber and Wealth

Amber is a stone of manifestation. It’s a powerful stone that can manifest an increase in your income flow or other forms of wealth.

This stone will inspire you to make use of your gifts and talents to bring wealth and abundance in your life.

It will dissolve any feelings of insecurity or uncertainty and fill you with energies of determination and inspiration.

This stone will also promote good luck and success!It will remove the opposition and make sure that it’s all systems go for you.

Amber will eliminate your fears and apprehensions.

It will give you the courage to try something new, to break away from the mold, and to take calculated risks that will yield prosperous rewards.

Amber, Love and Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, Amber can be a very powerful and beneficial stone.

It will help you develop more patience and understanding towards the person you love. You will not easily lose your temper or get annoyed when you are infused with the energies of this stone.

Amber will bring stability to your relationship. It will promote flexibility and patience, and it will bring more trust and happiness.

You will be a calmer and more tolerant partner. You will get rid of your childish ways and be more mature about the important issues that concern you and your relationship.

Amber will also protect your relationship against outside negative influences or interferences.

It will strengthen your relationship from within so that it will not easily fall apart at the first sign of trouble.

This stone will remove the negative energies that are taking away your enthusiasm and optimism, as well as the negative energies affecting your drive for life.

It will get rid of your jealousies and insecurities. It will remove the fear and the lack of trust.

This stone will also give you more wisdom to accept the things that happen to you which you have no control over.

Amber will give you the foresight to deal with unexpected events and to react to them appropriately.

This stone is a symbol of beauty and attraction. When you have this stone in your life, you will have a better appreciation of all things beautiful, and you will be very attractive to the eyes of your partner!

It carries energies of tenderness and affection. This stone will imbue your relationship with many tender and affectionate moments with your loved one.

This stone will also attract lasting love. It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a lull or a tough time in your relationship. The energies of Amber will work on your relationship so that love will be restored and happiness will be felt again.

Amber will help you remove the obstacles that you place in your way that keep you from being loved in the way that you want.

It will make you realize that the walls must come down if you truly want to have a wonderful experience with love!

You need to open the door to your heart if you really want to know the meaning of love!

Amber is a stone that will help you keep your promises. Its energies will also help you rekindle the fire in a dying relationship.

The energies of the Amber stone will also electrify your desire, and you can enjoy passionate and intimate moments with your partner.

How to Use Amber for the Best Results

Amber should be cleansed when it begins to warm when held or worn. It may also start to get cloudy when it’s exposed to negative energy.

Don’t place your Amber stone in direct heat, and it should never be left under the sun for too long because it will make the stone brittle.

It will be beneficial to always bring a piece of Amber stone with you so that its healing energies will be close to your body.

It will bring relief from many physical pains and afflictions, and it will hasten your recovery period when you fall sick or suffer an injury.

If you will use Amber to purify or cleanse your space, you can place pieces of Amber stones in different parts of your house or your office.

You can also spray it as an elixir or use it as an incense.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of

Amber is a lovely stone and a powerful healer that will give whoever wears it a strong sense of healing.

It’s one of the most coveted and oldest stones because it is basically created by light and life!

Amber is a talisman of beauty and has been portrayed as solidified sunlight, as toughened honey, as tears of the gods, and as drops of the sun.

It will help balance your emotions and release the negative energies that are in your heart and mind.

It will also help you get rid of all the things that make you fearful and hesitant to live your best life!

If you feel attracted to the warm energies of Amber, it means you are looking for a natural purifier that will draw out the pains, insecurities, and negativities in your body, mind, and spirit.

You’re searching for a stone that will absorb the stagnant or negative energies and transform them into positive and clear energies. You should never be without an Amber stone!

Healing Powers of Azurite.

The extraordinary healing powers of Azurite.

Azurite is the exquisite blue copper carbonate mineral associated with the Blue ray of influence. The azurite meaning, the crystal’s uses, and healing properties make it the perfect healing crystal for everyone.

The stone of heaven, but also of Earth, azurite is used in crystal healing therapies for the multitude of properties it holds. The azurite meaning can easily be understood if we trace back the wealth of legends surrounding this shimmering blue stone.

The Egyptians revered it, the ancient Chinese named azurite the stone of heaven guided by the belief that it opened celestial gateways while the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations used it for the visionary insights it could bestow.
A stone known worldwide, azurite was used by the Native Americans as well. With this culture, azurite was once more revered for its capacity to bridge the earthly world with that of the spirits and open the channel of communication for spiritual messages.

A highly sought after crystal in the world of gemstones, Azurite is known for its stunning blue color, which evolved over the millennia through reactions between copper, hydrogen, carbonate, and oxygen. Azurite features deep contrasting shades of blue, which comes from its fusion with Malachite, a closely related mineral that contains nearly the same chemistry. In crystal healing, Azurite is a gem when it comes to enhancing creativity and inner wisdom because it cleanses and activates the third eye chakra.

Azurite carries healing properties for the central nervous system as well. The gemstone helps blood circulation, as well as the regeneration of cells. A stone of life and grounding memories, azurite is believed to help with relieving early Alzheimer’s symptoms as well as soothing other neuro-degenerative diseases.

The gemstone is used in detoxification therapies, to support the liver and kidneys, as well as other internal organs vital for this process.

A stone of meditation and connecting the divine with the worldly, azurite is a great choice if we want to connect to our higher selves and let ourselves be guided. Azurite is a stone of serenity. It wipes away all worries and stress and helps the wearer to overcome grief as well as sadness. Fears and phobias are dispelled by azurite.

The crystal opens the window to a deeper understanding of one’s feelings, thoughts, and fears. This way it becomes easier to dispel the negative emotions and feelings caused by past frustrations and fears.

In relation to the third-eye chakra, azurite enhances our intuition. It sparks creativity, new ideas, and dreams. Azurite crystals shimmering in indigo hues are the ideal choice to balance the energies of the third-eye chakra.

Labradorite – The Stone of Transformation

One of my many favorites is the beautiful  Feldspar mineral called Labradorite.

 Labradorite in a white matrix is often called “Rainbow Moonstone”.

The Stone of  ♥ Transformation ♥ Promotes psychic abilities ♥ Strengthens our will ♥ Stimulates imagination ♥ Calming ♥

Labradorite – The Stone of Transformation

Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.  It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies.  Excellent for strengthening intuition – promoting psychic abilities.  Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe.  It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

Labradorite treats disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety and stress.  It regulates metabolism, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension.  Labradorite treats colds, gout, and rheumatism, lowers blood pressure, and aids in digestion.

Labradorite Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Labradorite radiates a predominant blue crystal energy that stimulates the Throat Chakra, the voice of the body. It is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed. If it is blocked, or out of balance, it can affect the health of the other chakras. When the throat chakra is in balance and open, it allows for the expression of what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions, bringing our personal truth out into the world. We have an easy flow of energy within the body and spirit. The energy that springs upward from the lower chakras can continue its path enabling free expression and natural release. Darker shades of blue encourage the power of truth, while lighter shades carry the power of flexibility, relaxation, and balance. Labradorite, with its iridescent flashes of color, can be very beneficial in uniting all of the chakras.

Chakras – Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Zodiac – Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Planet – Uranus
Element – Water
Typical colors – Pale green, blue, colorless, grey-white: with iridescent blue or gold flashes







Amethyst Use and Purposes

Amethyst Uses and Purposes

Amethyst is a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts, especially in darker shades. It assists endeavors where new, original results need to be created using tools and methods of the past. It is often used as the Artist’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone, the Inventor’s, Poet’s and Painter’s Stones. Keep an Amethyst crystal or cluster in the area to focus and amplify the creative elements of the Universal Life Force.

Called the “All-healer,” Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants and animals. Natural unpolished Amethysts or geodes are particularly helpful placed where plants will not grow or animals refuse to sit. It also counteracts negative earth energies beneath buildings or anywhere that feels hostile.

Amethyst protects against psychic attack, paranormal harm or ill-wishing, and returns the energy back to the universe after being transformed into positive, loving energy. To increase this power and attract good luck, draw an image of the sun and the crescent moon over an Amethyst in lavender incense smoke.

Referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer,” Amethyst calms and soothes, assisting the transmission of neural signals through the brain. It relieves obsessive compulsive disorder and hyperactivity in children and animals. Place under the pillow or mattress, or rub the center of the forehead counter-clockwise to cure insomnia and stimulate pleasant dreams. It is especially effective for children’s recurring nightmares and fears of the dark, and may help alleviate homesickness.

Amethyst is an excellent stone for diplomats, negotiators and business people. It calms angry temperaments and gives a distinct advantage in situations where debating is required. Wear or hold Amethyst to bring in spiritual insights coupled with intellectual reasoning. As a luck and prosperity crystal, Amethyst is good for reducing the tendency to overspend, gambling addictions or unwise investments.

Amethyst is connected to the Temperance card in the tarot, representing balance. It is a stone dedicated to curbing overindulgence and bad habits, and is an excellent aid to quitting smoking, drinking and drug use, as well as unhealthy physical passion. It also provides the strength needed to obtain freedom from addictive personalities, one’s own or another’s. Placing an Amethyst on the navel is believed to protect a person from intoxication, and in conjunction with other treatments such as counseling, helps cure addictions. A naval piercing makes it possible to always keep an Amethyst in this spot.

Amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine and of faithful lovers because St. Valentine was thought to have worn an Amethyst ring engraved with the image of Cupid. It is also referred to as the “couple’s stone” and gives meaning to relationships that over time, transcends the carnal union and gives way to deeper connection and a more soulful communion. Wear as an engagement or eternity ring for fidelity, or as a locket to call back lost love.